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Click here to buy Greenworks 14 inch 10 Amp Dethatcher by Greenworks.
Greenworks 14 inch 10 Amp Dethatcher
Manufacturer: Greenworks
Model #: GW27022
In stock at Home Depot on 3-22-2018.
Item Description
Ready to get serious about the quality of your landscape. This electric Dethatcher by Greenworks is just the tool to help. Clear out all those pesky patches of unwanted grass types and make room for the good stuff. With a 14 in. dethatching path and a 10 Amp motor, this electric tool also features 3-position depth adjustment so you can clear grass on the surface or deeper. The depth adjustment feature is also great for getting rid of clumps and mats in the earth that hinder healthy lawn growth. And when it's time to replace those tines, this Greenworks dethatcher provides 18 replacement tine assemblies to keep you working.
Product Features
  • Includes full set of replacement tines
  • Ergonomic, padded grip and bale switch for added comfort and control
  • Stainless steel tines stay sharp longer
  • 3 position tine depth