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Click here to buy Breez 40cc 4-Cycle R2 Propane Tiller by Breez.
Breez 40cc 4-Cycle R2 Propane Tiller
Manufacturer: Breez
Model #: 21046
In stock at Home Depot on 3-22-2018.
Item Description
Experience the convenience of propane with the Breez R2 Propane Tiller. Theres no mixing of gas and oil, no gumming up your engine with stale gasoline, and no spilling of gasoline period. Propane stays contained in a closed system, so there are no more gas fumes in your storage shed or car. The quiet and clean running engine of the Breez R2 gives you cleaner exhaust without the stink of gasoline combustion. With fewer repairs and minimal engine maintenance, the Breez R2 Tiller starts right up in the spring after a long winter of hibernation. Till non-stop with economical propane for up to 1-1/2 hours using a standard, widely available, 1 lb. propane bottle (sold separately). In addition, the Breez R2 is extremely lightweight and nimble, making maneuvering in tight spaces and around delicate plants in your garden effortless. Flip-and-Follow wheels make for easy-tow transport, while its stable upright parking stance is convenient and great for compact storage. If you need an easy, economical, and eco-friendly way to garden, then go experience the Breez R2 Propane Tiller today.
Product Features
  • Convenient propane
  • Run time of 1 to 1.5 hours per standard 1 lb. bottle of propane, depending on soil conditions and throttle speed, use refillable 1 lb. bottles of propane for economical fueling available at your local propane refilling dealer
  • Ingenious flip-and-follow wheels for easy-tow transport, pulling the tiller on its wheels takes much less effort than pushing over bumpy, uneven ground
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to handle, excellent for maneuvering in tight spaces and closely around delicate garden plants, perfect for us in raised garden beds
  • Quiet and clean-running engine, cleaner exhaust without the stink of gasoline combustion, and soil cannot be contaminated by spilled fuel
  • Ridged U-turn handle bar design for vibration dampening and solid control of the unit
  • Convenient and stable upright "parking" stance for compact storage and ready access to the handle bars for transporting or tilling in the garden
  • Ergonomic throttle control design and knobby rubber grips for hours of comfort, includes a prominent and easy-to-operate on/off switch giving you control from the user position
  • Starts reliably in two pulls or less, no need to prime of choke the engine
  • Propane bottle not included - must purchase separately from your local propane dealer