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Ideal Vol-Test Voltage Tester
Manufacturer: Ideal
Model #: 61-065
In stock at Home Depot on 3-22-2018.
Item Description
The Vol-Test is recognized as one of the most dependable, no-nonsense voltage testers on the market. The compact frame and replaceable test leads with shielded probe tips were designed to withstand the day-to-day demands that a voltage tester must endure. With a broad testing range the Vol-Test Voltage Tester and is perfect for residential, commercial and industrial environments.
Product Features
  • Extremely rugged and reliable
  • Vibrates when voltage is present
  • Tests from 100-Volt to 600-Volt AC or DC (25 Hz - 60 Hz)
  • Dual, independent circuitry provides a back-up voltage indication safety system
  • Bright, long-life LED's and neon indicator lamp
  • Dual voltage indication for backup safety
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