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Click here to buy Everbilt 30/50 Pressure Switch for Well Pumps by Everbilt.
Everbilt 30/50 Pressure Switch for Well Pumps
Manufacturer: Everbilt
Model #: EBPS3050
In stock at Home Depot on 3-22-2018.
Item Description
This pressure switch signals the pump to start when the water system drops to 30 psi (factory set) and stops at 50 psi (factory set). This switch is to be used with submersible well or jet pumps. It can be wired 115-Volt or 230-Volt. This switch must be used in conjunction with a well pressure tank. The air pressure in the well tank, when empty of all water, must be set to 28 psi, or the switch will not operate properly.
Product Features
  • Turns pump on at 30 psi, off at 50 psi
  • Cap removes for easy adjustment
  • Can be wired 115-Volt or 230-Volt
  • For use with submersible well or jet pumps
  • Motor wires are connected to the 2 middle posts (color does not matter)
  • Breaker box wires are connected to 2 outside posts (color does not matter)
  • 2-spring design allows for adjustment of cut-in and cut-out pressure settings
  • Adjustments to springs should only be made by users with good knowledge of well systems