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Click here to buy Century 12 and 24-Volt High Frequency Battery Charger by Century.
Century 12 and 24-Volt High Frequency Battery Charger
Manufacturer: Century
Model #: K3234-1
In stock at Home Depot on 3-8-2018.
Item Description
The Century High Frequency Battery Charger boasts 10-amp, 6-amp and 2-amp charging, is fully automatic, and charges to a full charge and then shuts off automatically. It automatically comes back on if the battery discharges. Provides automatic charging for both 12 and 24-Volt batteries.
Product Features
  • Charges 12-volt at 10-amp, 6-amp and 2-amp; 24-volt at 6-amp and 2-amp
  • Digital display shows volts, amps and percent charge
  • High frequency charging de-sulfates batteries and lengthens battery life
  • Built in diagnostics-detects faulty batteries and reverse connections
  • Microprocessor controlled for faster charging
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Charging and charged lights indicate state of charge