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Click here to buy General Tools 90 Double End Pin Vise Package Count 6.
General Tools 90 Double End Pin Vise Package Count 6
Model #: WBB249602
In stock at Global Industrial on 10-3-2018.
Item Description
Double End Pin Vise

General's Double End Pin Vise helps to reclaim precious time that is normally spent switching between tool attachments or searching for drill bits in a crowded tool box. Each end of this Pin Vise features a reversible collet for holding your favorite drill bits, taps and reamers. Now you can drill a small hole with one end of the tool, then flip to the other end for quick deburring or reaming. In addition, the Double End Pin Vise features a knurled body for a comfortable grip and a hollow interior for use with long wire or rods.
  • Double-ended design saves time normally spent switching attachments
  • Includes two reversible collets with 0" to 0.0125" capacities
  • Great for holding small tools, wire and metal rods
  • Used in model making, electronics and jewelry repair
  • Hollow body allows use with long wire
  • Collet is made from hardened tool steel
  • Locking screw chuck holds tool firmly in place
  • Knurled body with nickel plating for comfort and control
Product Features

Product Specifications

    • RANGE INCHES - 0-.0125"
    • RANGE MM - 0-3.2mm
    • DESCRIPTION - Pin Vise
    • SIZE - 0" - .0125"
    • TYPE - Double End
    • BRAND - General Tools