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Click here to buy ECHO 12 inch Pole Pruner Bar by ECHO.
ECHO 12 inch Pole Pruner Bar
Manufacturer: ECHO
Model #: 12A0CD3744C
In stock at Home Depot on 3-22-2018.
Item Description
A 12 in. professional, laminated bar for pole pruners. Ideal for homeowners and semi-professionals. Lightweight with durable construction the bar can be reversed extending the life of the life and usage of equipment. Reduced operating kickback provides for a more comfortable control of equipment.
Product Features
  • 12 in. laminated bar with 0.050 in. gauge and 0.370 in. pitch; sprocket nose reduces kickback
  • Mount application: A041/K041/W042
  • Compatible with current ECHO chainsaw models: PPF-225, PPF-280, PPT-266, PPT-266H, PPT-280 Older Models: PPT-265, PPT-265H, PPT-265S
  • Compatible with ECHO chain : 91VXL44CQ