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Click here to buy Milwaukee 16 ft. Premium Magnetic Tape Measure by Milwaukee.
Milwaukee 16 ft. Premium Magnetic Tape Measure
Manufacturer: Milwaukee
Model #: 48-22-7116
In stock at Home Depot on 3-22-2018.
Item Description
Milwaukee Magnetic Tape Measures are nothing but Heavy Duty. Using Nylon Bond Blade Protection and a 5-Point Reinforced Frame, they offer the Longest Life by resisting contamination wear and increasing protection when dropped. To increase productivity on the jobsite, Milwaukee Magnetic Tapes feature Double Sided Printing with Blue Print Scale for easy reading and transferring of measurements. Additional innovative feature is the Finger Stop, which protects your finger when the blade retracts.
Product Features
  • Nylon bond blade protection
  • 5-point reinforced frame
  • Magnetic hook
  • Finger stop
  • Double sided printing
  • Blue print scale
  • Wire form belt clip