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Click here to buy Omega 12-Ton Magic Lift Jack Stands by Omega.
Omega 12-Ton Magic Lift Jack Stands
Manufacturer: Omega
Model #: 32126
In stock at Home Depot on 3-22-2018.
Item Description
The Secret of Giving You Extra Safety to Work On Automotive Self-Rising Omega 32126 Magic Lift Black Jack Stand is the 12-Ton self-rising jack stands that is built with strength and durability. The patented technology to automatically raise the ratchet bar to load by lifting the handle. The frame is built with the sturdy, welded steel construction that gives you the additional strength and safety. Omega 32126 Jack stand features 1-piece, ductile iron ratchet bar that also provides you with multi position capability. It gives you the additional strength and durability. In addition, the counter weighted pawl gives you the ability to lock the ratchet bar securely in place. Omega 32126 Jack stand is designed with Magic Lift technology to make job done smooth and safe. Magic Lift to Raise Ratchet Bar to Load Automatically 1-Piece Multi Position Ductile Iron Ratchet Bar Counter Weighed Paw to Lock Ratchet Bar Securely Sturdy, Welded Steel Construction Specifications Capacity (Pair): 12-Ton Minimum Height: 19-3/4 in., Maximum Height: 30-1/4 in. Base Size: 14-3/4 in. x 12-3/4 in., GW (Pair): 82-1/2 lbs.
Product Features
  • Patented technology automatically raises ratchet bar to load
  • Sturdy, welded steel construction
  • 1-piece, multi-position ductile iron ratchet bar
  • Counter weighted pawl locks ratchet bar securely in place
  • Lift handle and ratchet arm will automatically raise