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Click here to buy Alltrade Grips Opens Turns Strap Wrench Set (2-Piece) by Alltrade.
Alltrade Grips Opens Turns Strap Wrench Set (2-Piece)
Manufacturer: Alltrade
Model #: 070008
In stock at Home Depot on 3-16-2018.
Item Description
The G.O.T. (Grips, Opens, Turns) wrenches hold and loosen almost anything and are very useful tools to have around any home or workshop. Use to grip, open, loosen and tighten jar lids, bottles, pipes, fittings, shafts, pulleys, and much more. Soft rubber strap won't mar fine finishes. Grip up to 6-3/8-in.diameter objects. Great household tools, especially useful for small or arthritic hands.
Product Features
  • Includes small and large wrenches
  • Grips, opens, turns almost anything you need to tighten or loosen
  • Work where other wrenches can't such as on oversize or odd-shaped items
  • Easily adjusts to fit diameters up to 6-3/8 in.
  • Multiplies your strength and leverage great for arthritis sufferers
  • Use on pipes, oil filters, jar lids, fittings and more
  • Replaceable straps