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Click here to buy Nordic Plow Nordic 64 inch Zero-Turn Snow Plow by Nordic Plow.
Nordic Plow Nordic 64 inch Zero-Turn Snow Plow
Manufacturer: Nordic Plow
Model #: NAP-ZC4
In stock at Home Depot on 3-22-2018.
Item Description
This plow from Nordic is lightweight and has a universal mounting system. The blade is effective on uneven surfaces such as gravel and paver brick driveways, sidewalks and even grass. The blade's angle can be changed to five different positions with a simple T-handle pin. You can manually raise and lower the plow with the foot pedal. The plow can be converted to a 47 in. V-Plow with a V-Plow conversion kit which can be purchased separately. Our lightweight plow blade helps keep the traction on the tires where it belongs
Product Features
  • Will not mark up your driveway
  • Will not tear up your grass
  • Will not tear up your paver bricks
  • Will leave the gravel in your driveway
  • Easy on your heart and it won’t break your back