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Click here to buy GHOST CONTROLS Vehicle Sensor with 55 ft. Cable for Automatic Gate Openers by GHOST CONTROLS.
GHOST CONTROLS Vehicle Sensor with 55 ft. Cable for Automatic Gate Openers
Manufacturer: GHOST CONTROLS
Model #: AXXV-55
In stock at Home Depot on 3-22-2018.
Item Description
The GHOST CONTROLS AXXV Wired Vehicle Sensor with 55 ft. cable is the easiest way to trigger your gate to open when someone in a vehicle is trying to exit your property. When the sensor detects a moving vehicle, it will send an open signal (short normally-open dry-contact for 0.5 seconds) to your gate controller and allow the vehicle to exit from your property. This reliable system only detects moving masses of ferrous metal so it will not be accidentally triggered by people, pets, or livestock moving in the area. This sensor is buried beneath the ground surface next to your driveway to detect moving vehicles. The wired sensor does not require any batteries to replace and includes a 55 cable that can be shortened if needed. This cable should not be spliced for any reason.
Product Features
  • Automatically opens the gate as vehicle passes the sensor buried in the ground inside of your property next to your driveway
  • Easy do-it-yourself installation with maintenance-free operation
  • No batteries are required because it is wired into, powered by, and controlled by the automatic gate opener system controller
  • Compatible with all GHOST CONTROLS automatic gate opener systems and most other brands of 12-Volt gate openers
  • Sensor is buried next to driveway to detect moving vehicles
  • Dry-contact output can be used with other systems that require dry-contact systems
  • Shielded wire minimizes false noise interference signals
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