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Click here to buy KNIPEX Forged Steel Cobra Pliers Set with 61 HRC Teeth (2-Piece) by KNIPEX.
KNIPEX Forged Steel Cobra Pliers Set with 61 HRC Teeth (2-Piece)
Manufacturer: KNIPEX
Model #: 00 31 20 V01 US
In stock at Home Depot on 3-22-2018.
Item Description
Induction-hardened gripping teeth and push-button adjustment allow KNIPEX Forged Steel Cobra Pliers to safely and securely latch onto pipes, nuts and other hard-to-grasp objects. Just position the upper jaw to a workpiece, depress the patented push button and slide the lower jaw into place underneath. Adjustable among several positions, these water pump pliers self-lock onto nuts and pipes without fear of crushing fingers thanks to an anti-pinching guard that prevents the handles from clamping down on each other.
Product Features
  • Fine adjustment: ensures optimum adjustment to differently sized workpieces and user-friendly handle position
  • Self-locking functionality requires minimal hand force and results in zero slippage on nuts and pipes
  • 1-hand adjustment for easy operation
  • Equipped with an anti-pinching guard to prevent finger crushing
  • Box-joint design employs a bilateral guide to withstand large loads
  • Gripping surfaces fashioned with special induction-hardened teeth for low wear and secure gripping; teeth hardness approximately 61 HRC
  • Constructed with oil-hardened and tempered chrome vanadium electric steel for strength and durability
  • Backed by KNIPEX lifetime warranty