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Click here to buy Gardner Bender 80-250 VAC/DC Voltage Tester by Gardner Bender.
Gardner Bender 80-250 VAC/DC Voltage Tester
Manufacturer: Gardner Bender
Model #: GET-3100
In stock at Home Depot on 3-22-2018.
Item Description
Twin Probe Circuit Tester tests AC/DC Voltage from 80-250 V AC/DC. The neon indicator glows when voltage is present and brightens as voltage increases. Offers insulated housing and test leads for safety. Built in pocket clip for added convenience. Tests DC motors, switches, and outlets.
Product Features
  • Visual indicator birghtens as voltage increases
  • Insulated housing and test leads
  • Pocket clip for added convenience
  • Equipped with 2 in. test leads
  • Simple tool for testing voltages greater than 80 V AC/DC
  • Comes with detailed user instructions
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