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Husky Pliers Set (4-Piece)
Manufacturer: Husky
Model #: 96618
In stock at Home Depot on 1-16-2018.
Item Description
The Husky 4-piece Pliers Set includes 7 in. Diagonal Pliers, 8 in. Long Nose Pliers, 8 in. Slip Joint Pliers and 10 in. Groove Joint Pliers. The 7 in. High Leverage Diagonal Pliers are specially designed for cutting, rather than gripping or pulling, and the jaws are sharp to cut closely and efficiently. The 8 in. High Leverage Long Nose Pliers can be used for a multitude of tasks and are ideal for getting into tight spots. The 8 in. Standard Slip Joint Pliers are used for turning or bending small objects and are designed to allow the worker to apply force to the object being gripped. The 10 in. Groove Joint Pliers, also known as tongue and groove pliers, are often used for gripping irregularly shaped objects and they can also be used for clamping materials. This set is a must-have for any toolbox.
Product Features
  • 7 in. Diagonal Pliers are designed with a precision knife and anvil style design for superior cutting
  • 8 in. Long Nose Pliers are a high leverage design for more cutting power compared to standard rivet design pliers
  • 8 in. Standard Slip Joint Pliers have dual sized jaws for multiple applications
  • 10 in. Groove Joint Pliers smoothly adjust between jaw positions
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