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Click here to buy Home Plow by Meyer 80 inch x 22 inch Residential Electric Auto Angle Snow Plow by Home Plow by Meyer.
Home Plow by Meyer 80 inch x 22 inch Residential Electric Auto Angle Snow Plow
Manufacturer: Home Plow by Meyer
Model #: 24000
In stock at Home Depot on 3-22-2018.
Item Description
The HomePlow Auto Angle Electric snow plow is perfect for clearing long driveways fast and easily. It quickly attaches to light pickups, SUVs and utility vehicles using a Class 3, 2 in. front receiver hitch (receiver hitch sold separately). The up/down motion of the moldboard is controlled by an electric power unit that is activated by a wireless key fob. The right/left motion of the plow is controlled by the HomePlow's patented auto-angling system. Unlike other snowplows, there is no need to manually adjust the blade. It takes seconds to attach or remove the Home Plow with the exclusive Quick-Link System. When the plow is not attached, there is no visible hardware on your vehicle. The Home Plow comes fully assembled with integrated mounting wheels that make it easy to remove and store.
Product Features
  • Patented auto-angling system works by sensing which side of the plow is gathering the most snow, then automatically angles the blade in that direction for maximum plowing efficiency
  • A home plow connects with quick link, an easy-to-use mounting system that slides into a class 3, 2 in. front receiver hitch
  • Integrated caster wheels allow the user to effortlessly remove the plow in less than a minute and then maneuver the plow for storage when not in use
  • Mounts using a class 3, 2 in. front receiver hitch-sold separately
  • Electrically powered with one-button in-cab controller makes it safer and easier to plow snow than ever before
  • Compatible with most of today's leading utility vehicles (UTV's) requires 2 in. front receiver hitch
  • 1-year limited warranty