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Click here to buy Bosch Offset Router Bit Adjustable Wrench Set (2-Piece) by Bosch.
Bosch Offset Router Bit Adjustable Wrench Set (2-Piece)
Manufacturer: Bosch
Model #: RA1152
In stock at Home Depot on 3-22-2018.
Item Description
The Bosch RA1152 Offset Router Bit Wrenches are lightweight and can be used for various applications. This pair of offset forged wrenches makes it easy to change bits on routers that have been installed in router tables. The offset design allows the working end of each wrench to reach below the surface of the table, eliminating the need to remove the router motor from the table to be able to change bits.
Product Features
  • Allows easy bit changes on routers that are installed in router tables
  • Includes 24 mm collet wrench and 16 mm shaft wrench
  • Comfortable drop-forged design
  • Works with Bosch MR23EVS-series router motors and 1617-18-series router motors