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Click here to buy Dewalt 25 ft. XP Premium Tape Measure by DEWALT.
Dewalt 25 ft. XP Premium Tape Measure
Manufacturer: DEWALT
Model #: DWHT36225S
In stock at Home Depot on 3-22-2018.
Item Description
DEWALT measuring tool are designed to meet the unforgiving demands of your worksite. This tape is 25 ft. L with 13 ft. of stand out. With an integrated belt clip and lanyard slot, this tape is always at the ready.
Product Features
  • Reinforced tough case for improved drop durability
  • 13 ft. of straighter standout for even better user efficiency
  • Our new, strongest blade coating for even longer blade life
  • 9 in. of end hook reinforcement maximizes blade life and reduces blade breakage at the hook
  • Integrated lanyard slot and belt clip
  • 25 ft. tape