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Byers' All-in-1 Pruner, Knife, and Tool Sharpener
Manufacturer: Byers'
Model #: 230
In stock at Home Depot on 3-20-2018.
Item Description
This pruner, knife, and tool sharpener is custom made above all other regular sharpeners. Every sharpener is hand assembled and quality checked by each department. We use a one of the strongest high impact plastics on the body of this sharpener, which will withstand years of use. Made ergonomically to fit into your hand and feel comfortable while you are using it. The extra care we took to add a thumb rest for more control over your sharpening, which in turn adds to the accuracy of your sharpened tools. We also have added the patented recess that is above all of the other pruner sharpeners, this lets you sharpen your pruner without disassembling it and spending hours instead of minutes to get your Pruner sharpened as you need it. The list of tools you can sharpen with our All in 1 is endless, Try it today.
Product Features
  • This pruner sharpener allows you to easily sharpen pruners without disassembling your pruner
  • The all in 1 sharpens all different types of tools and you have just 1 sharpener no assembly required
  • Ergonomically designed twith built-in thumb rest for added control and accuracy
  • Made with diamond sharpened tungsten carbide to provide years of use
  • Preset angles provide an exact edge every time