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Click here to buy Dewalt 18 TPI Bi-Metal Portable Band Saw Blades.
Dewalt 18 TPI Bi-Metal Portable Band Saw Blades
In stock at Home Depot on 9-24-2017.
Item Description
Keep your DEWALT portable band saw cutting quickly and cleanly with these industrial-duty band saw blades. The blades are made of durable high-carbon steel with precision-machined and set teeth. And each blade is tension tested for strength. A variety of styles are available for cutting woods, metal and plastics.
Product Features
  • Matrix II high speed steel edge for heat and wear resistance
  • 8 Percent cobalt content for added durability & wear
  • Rc 65-67 Tooth hardness for increased wear resistance
  • Alloy steel backer for fatigue resistance