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Click here to buy Greenworks 18-Inch 12 Amp Corded Lawn Mower 25012 by Sunrise Global Marketing.
Greenworks 18-Inch 12 Amp Corded Lawn Mower 25012
Manufacturer: Sunrise Global Marketing
Model #: 0084182100285
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Item Description
Keep your lawn and, more importantly, the environment, green with the Greenworks Electric Lawn Mower. The durable steel cutting deck provides the strength you need to handle unruly growth, and you'll love the reduced cleanup time provided by the rear bagging and mulching capabilities (bag sold separately). The 18 inch electric-powered lawn mower has 7-inch front wheels and 8-inch rear wheels which cut an 18-inch path. Adjust the height of the grass to your preference with the seven-position lever. When it's time to put the mower back in the garage, the cam-lock handle makes it easy to fold up and store.  A 4-year manufacturer's warranty is provided with this corded lawn mower. Weight: 45.75 lbs.About Greenworks All Greenworks products have a carbon footprint of ZERO. That means that absolutely no emissions are ever released, and you'll never have to inhale gas fumes while mowing your yard or trimming your hedges. Plus, it means higher efficiency, so you'll get more out of your lawn tools each time you use them. Each product is EnergyStar-approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, which means that energy usage is reduced by about 35 percent. For Greenworks, Green inch is more than just a name - it's a commitment.Greenworks 18 inch Electric-Powered Lawn Mower:
  • Corded lawn mower
  • Durable steel cutting deck
  • Easy cam-lock handle for quick and easy storage
  • 18-inch cutting path
  • 7-position height-adjustable lever
  • Includes 4-year manufacturer's warranty
Buyer Reviews
this thing cuts right through any weeds, even super high ones that my old mower would stall on.16-inch grass and weeds is easy to cut with this. A great value for the money, and simple to set up and use. Definitely need to get use to dragging a cord around and adjusting it, i think cutting in sort of a sunburst pattern is the easiest (outward from where you are), not too long rows outward so you can hold the cord in your hand. Just gotta get used to the techniques of rolling and unrolling the cord sections as I mow, no big deal. I opted for this mower since a lot of the cordless mowers cost more and batteries tend to fail after a year or two, as well as the fact that cordless mowers tend to lack the power of a corded mower. This mower is much quieter than my old gas mower, and a lot less maintenance! No gas to store or buy, oil, carburetor, spark plugs etc to deal with, I love that. And you don't have to breathe a bunch of fumes while you cut your lawn. Very cool. I should have taken the electric approach a long time ago.
Product Features
  • 12 amp motor
  • 7-position single lever height adjustment
  • Durable steel cutting deck