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Click here to buy Bondhus Standard Hex End Long Arm L-Wrench Set with ProGuard Finish (7-Piece) by Bondhus.
Bondhus Standard Hex End Long Arm L-Wrench Set with ProGuard Finish (7-Piece)
Manufacturer: Bondhus
Model #: HLX7
In stock at Home Depot on 1-16-2018.
Item Description
Bondhus Hex Tip Hex Key L-wrenches with ProGuard finish have chamfered tool tips for faster insertion and full tool engagement in the screwhead. The chamfered tips also eliminate burrs and imperfections in the tool's tip that can prevent the tool from fitting properly - this help the tools seat fully within the screw head, and the sharp corners transfer more torque to the screw which reduces stripping. Every Bondhus tool is designed and machined to achieve an optimal fit between tool and fastener. Bondhus professional quality tools provide superior value and offer a lifetime warranty.
Product Features
  • Set includes long arm hex end hex key l-wrenches in sizes: 5/64, 3/32, 7/64, 1/8, 9/64, 5/32, and 3/16 in.
  • Chamfered tool tips eliminate burrs and help tools seat in screw head
  • Long handle for extra leverage
  • ProGuard finish delivers superior corrosion protection and is 5 times more effective than the next leading brand in preventing rust, protecting your investment over time
  • Made with protanium high torque steel - up to 20% stronger, with more torque and twice the wear resistance of standard grades of steel
  • Made with close clearances to reduce wear on screw heads
  • Lifetime Warranty