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Click here to buy GHOST CONTROLS Premium 5-Button Remote Transmitter for Ghost Controls Automatic Gate Opener Systems in Black by GHOST CONTROLS.
GHOST CONTROLS Premium 5-Button Remote Transmitter for Ghost Controls Automatic Gate Opener Systems in Black
Manufacturer: GHOST CONTROLS
Model #: AXP1
In stock at Home Depot on 3-22-2018.
Item Description
This Premium Remote 5-Button Transmitter will control two different Ghost Controls Automatic Gate Opener Systems (single or dual), engage or disengage PartyMode and Test the main gate system battery. It can be quickly added as a new remote to an existing Ghost Controls system button. The compact design and proprietary features makes this the most innovative gate opener remote on the market.
Product Features
  • Easily learned into any GHOST CONTROLS automatic gate opener system by simple button presses, no need to open up transmitter housing or follow complicated programming steps
  • Easily learned as an additional remote into your gate opener system by using an existing working and programmed GHOST CONTROLS Remote transmitter through the dedicated learn button
  • Can quickly enable or disable PartyMode on either of your gate opener systems by using the dedicated PartyMode button from the comfort and convenience of your vehicle
  • Test button allows you to easily check the battery charge status of the main gate opener system batteries through an audible alert without requiring you to open the system control box
  • Visible red LED flashes to indicate that the remote is actively transmitting and to show that your remote battery is working properly
  • Includes visor-clip attached to the back of remote that is easily adjustable to 1 of 4 different orientations that is most comfortable and convenient for use in your vehicle
  • Compact and comfortable design requires one CR2032 coin cell battery (included) for long-life and easy, tool-less replacement
  • If you have 2 remote transmitters and only 1 GHOST CONTROLS gate opener system, you can program both buttons on the remote transmitter to open and close the same gate
  • 18 Month limited warranty can be extended to 24 months with online product registration for convenience and peace of mind
  • GHOST CONTROLS also offers the AXS1 Standard 3-button remote transmitter as another option without the PartyMode or test buttons for basic control of your gate opener system
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