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Click here to buy Bon Tool 2 inch x 10 inch Steel Floor Masonry Chisel by Bon Tool.
Bon Tool 2 inch x 10 inch Steel Floor Masonry Chisel
Manufacturer: Bon Tool
Model #: 11-580
In stock at Home Depot on 3-20-2018.
Item Description
This floor chisel is designed to cut and trim hard or soft woods, removing tongue and groove flooring, and to scrape material from floors and walls. This item stands up to rugged use. Always wear eye protection when using a chisel. Various blade widths are available.
Product Features
  • For removing tongue and groove flooring and scraping material from floors and walls
  • Forged from the finest high-grade domestic steel for long-lasting use
  • Heat-treated precision ground cutting edge executes fast, clean cuts
  • Powerful thin cutting blade for rough cutting and trimming hard or soft woods
  • Target head design increases the striking area and reduces spelling and mushrooming
  • Target head striking area helps protect hands from missed hits
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty