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Click here to buy Snapper 60V Chainsaw 2ah Battery and Charger SC60V by Sunrise Global Marketing.
Snapper 60V Chainsaw 2ah Battery and Charger SC60V
Manufacturer: Sunrise Global Marketing
Model #: 0084182102012
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Item Description

Snapper SC60V 60V Chainsaw Includes 2Ah Battery and Charger:
  • 60V of gas-like power — 1 battery, multiple tools
  • Brushless motor for high efficiency and longer motor life
  • Cuts up to 100 cuts on fully charged 2Ah battery
  • 50 percent less noise and vibration than gas powered chainsaws
  • 16 inch bar and chain for highest performance
  • Easy to start, easy to use with the power to get the job done
  • No mixing of oil and gas, no maintenance, no winterization
  • Full wrap-around handle with steal bucking spikes for safe cutting
  • Includes one 2Ah battery and charger
  • Compatible with Snapper 60V battery (models SBA260V, SBA2560V, SBA2560V) and charger SCH60V
  • Tool operating weight: 12.9 lbs
  • What's in the Box: Chainsaw, 16 inch bar and chain, 60V 2Ah battery, charger, owner's manual
  • 10-year brushless motor warranty; 4-year limited warranty; 2-year battery warranty
Buyer Reviews
I may not be a professional logger or an arborist, but I have been burning wood in my wood burning boiler to heat my house for more than 35 years, so I have cut down my fair share of trees. So saying that, I know that there is nothing that beats a 2 cycle gas saw for cutting down large trees but for other smaller branches or yard cleanup work the electric chainsaw can be a good option. The Snapper SC60V 60V Chainsaw is easy to use and at about 14 pounds is relatively light weight. The saw is well balanced and powerful enough to cut through an 8 inch branch in just a few seconds allowing multiple cuts before there is a need to recharge the battery. The saw has many nice features, such as the led indicator lights signaling the amount of charge left in the 60v Lithium Ion battery, a bar oil tank where the oil level can be seen (this tank should be filled after each charging of the battery with bar oil ), a wrench used to adjust the chain tension and tighten the bar nuts that fits under the handle, and an easy chain tension adjustment screw located on the side of the case.The main advantage of this saw is that you can grab it and cut a branch or log and when you are done put it away. Where with a gas saw you must mix some gas and oil, then try to pull start the saw which may take some time and effort, and when you're done the rest of the gas must be run out of the saw. With a plug-in electric saw the trouble of running extension cords to where you are cutting could be a problem, especially if you are a long way from an outlet.I would highly recommend this saw as a great addition to anyone's tool collection.
Product Features
  • 60V of gas-like power 1 battery, multiple tools
  • 50 percent less noise and vibration