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Click here to buy Ariens Commercial SS 21 inch 208cc Single-Stage Remote Chute, Recoil-Start Gas Snow Blower by Ariens.
Ariens Commercial SS 21 inch 208cc Single-Stage Remote Chute, Recoil-Start Gas Snow Blower
Manufacturer: Ariens
Model #: 938025
In stock at Home Depot on 2-12-2018.
Item Description
When the winter forecast brings a heavy workload, the new Ariens Professional 21 is built to handle the job. Engineered for those who move loads of snow from several sites in a given workday, this single-stage workhorse was born and built to handle heavy-duty Commercial detail without breaking a sweat. From starting and clearing to maintenance and transport, the Professional 21 will easily prove to be a welcome addition to any successful Commercial snow clearing fleet. Simply stated, The Ariens Professional 21 offers Commercial-grade power and durability with a compact design.
Product Features
  • Ariens AX 208cc engine opens easily for maintenance to the spark plug, recoil and carburetor
  • 21 in. W and 12.2 in. intake height provides for efficient clearing in fewer passes
  • Single-stage operation with 1-forward speed makes quick work of patios, sidewalks and driveways
  • 8.375 in. reinforced rubber auger helps propel the Ariens professional 21 forward and also sends snow on its journey through the chute
  • Compact, functional design allows commercial users to clear snow and transport easily
  • Efficiently moves up to 1900 lbs. of snow per minute
  • 25 ft. blowing distance throws snow far from walkways
  • 210 mechanical chute rotation lets you control snow discharge
  • Effortless, keyless start sequence featuring an on/off switch guarantees a successful start in any weather condition
  • Handlebar positions optimize system performance and user comfort
  • Spring-loaded, self-adjusting scraper bar ensures snow is cleared to the pavement surface in a single pass
  • Smart-engineered lift points or smart lift, means reduced user fatigue during transport
  • Hour meter measures and displays engine runtime