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Click here to buy Aleko Dust Free Heavy Duty Portable Drywall Sander and Vacuum by Aleko.
Aleko Dust Free Heavy Duty Portable Drywall Sander and Vacuum
Manufacturer: Aleko
Model #: 690F690C
In stock at Home Depot on 2-18-2018.
Item Description
This Kit Has a Vacuum Cleaner 690C and Heavy Duty Industrial Drywall Sander 690F. Aleko 690F is Powerful Heavy Duty Industrial Drywall Sanders from Aleko are designed for grinding drywall, ceilings, walls of the inner and outer surfaces, clearing floor residues, paint coatings, adhesives and loose plaster. Use it to help sand larger area that would be too cumbersome, time consuming and difficult to sand using a traditional hand sander. The 690F model comes with blow case and standard accessories: hose assembly and 6 sander discs. Aleko 690C is a Powerful Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuum Cleaner. You can use with this model for almost dust-free working environment. Comes with standard accessories: hose assembly, wet floor nozzle, filter bag, extend tube and brush.
Product Features
  • Powerful heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaner for drywall sander
  • Compatible with 690F, 690E, 690D and the most drywall sanders
  • Dust collecting capacity: 10 Gal. (35 l)
  • 690F drywall sander, comes with blow case
  • 6 sanding discs and hose included
  • Comes with level detector and accessories, vacuum degree: ≥19kpa