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Click here to buy Bon Tool Manual Rebar Bender and Cutter by Bon Tool.
Bon Tool Manual Rebar Bender and Cutter
Manufacturer: Bon Tool
Model #: 12-690
In stock at Home Depot on 2-8-2018.
Item Description
The rebar cutter and bender perfect for any job site where rebar needs to be cut to length or bent to fit into forms. The tool's shear cutting head is capable of cutting and bending up to 1/2 in. Dia steel rebar. Cutting head and lower bar are designed to be easily mounted to a bench or work station allowing for increased leverage.
Product Features
  • Jaws are made from high carbon alloy tool steel
  • Can be mounted on board or bolted to floor
  • Cuts up to and including 1/2 in. Dia rod
  • 52 in. long
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty