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Click here to buy AIRCAT 3/8 inch High/Low Torque Composite Twin Hammer Impact Wrench by AIRCAT.
AIRCAT 3/8 inch High/Low Torque Composite Twin Hammer Impact Wrench
Manufacturer: AIRCAT
Model #: 1350-XL
In stock at Home Depot on 3-22-2018.
Item Description
The AIRCAT Tools features the most significant advances in the performance of pneumatic power tools in nearly 30-years. The tool has substantially reduced noise levels while retaining more power and torque. It also incorporates a patented, ergonomically engineered handle design to relieve stress and fatigue on the operators hands, wrists and arms. The tools featured patented tuned exhaust muffler technology, allows discharged air to pass without developing back pressure, thus retaining more power, while significantly reducing noise. More power - half the noise. Our unparalleled commitment to product innovation, high service levels, continued product development and expansion truly make AIRCAT products the #1 Choice in air tools.
Product Features
  • Refined design twin hammer increases blow frequency and efficiency and reduces wear
  • Unique high/low switch for instant change of power in forward and reverse and 1-hand operation
  • 500 ft. lb. high torque setting and 100 ft. lb. low torque setting
  • Molded in buffers protect tool from side impact
  • Ergonomically designed grip and trigger for ultimate comfort
  • Titanium hammer case
  • 1-hand push button forward/reverse